Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we run?

Run on the road near your house/colony in open space where GPS Signal is available.

What is the date of event?

bSafal Virtual Marathon can be run between 20th December-27th December,2020 both days included.

What time we can run?

Any day any time during 24 hours of the day. Start Time is 5am on 20th December & end time is 11:59 27th December.

How do we upload the run?

The run will be uploaded automatically if you are using our mobile App (LS Sports App, Android & IOS).
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Which other App can be used?

Runner has to allow the LS Sports to access the data on Strava profile. Steps to allow and sync the data will be shared to the runner in email on 19th December 2020.
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How will I know my standing?

We will upload results leader board everyday from 20th December-27th December,2020. Though the final standing will be announced on 30th December,2020. If you are not among Top 3 position your result will be reflected in your mobile app account.

How do we get E Certificate?

We will E mail the certificate to all finishers 1 week after the event. You can also download it from LS Sports website after 1 week.

Can we order Medal? How do we get it?

Yes you can order medal & you will receive at your doorstep by courier. A separate link will be sent to each participants to order medal. A payment link will be available to order medal.

Do we have T Shirts of the event available?

No we do not have T Shirts this year as it is Virtual event.

What are the cut off timings for 21k & 42k?

Cut off timings for 21k Male Category: 3:00 Hours, Female Category:3:15 Hours

Cut off timings for 42k Male Category: 6:00 Hours, Female Category: 6:30 Hours

Will there be hydration points?

As this is a Virtual race there will be no hydration points, you will have to make your own arrangements.

What are the age categories & run categories?

  • 7-10yrs-1k, 3k, 5k
  • 11-15yrs-1k, 3k, 5k, 10k
  • 16-20yrs-1k,3k,5k,10k,21k
  • 21-30yrs-1k,3k,5k,10k,21k,42k
  • 31-40yrs-1k,3k,5k,10k,21k,42k
  • 41-50yrs-1k,3k,5k,10k,21k,42k
  • 51-60yrs-1k,3k,5k,10k,21k,42k
  • 60yrs & above-1k, 3k, 5k, 10k,21k

Awards & Prize money?

There are no Awards & Prize money for this event.