Pacers - 2018

We at bSafal Half Marathon Amdavad always strive to make your marathon experience rich and fulfilling. We are bringing to you "pace setter" also known as "pacers" or "pacing bus" for Full / Half marathon and 10km race.

Who is a pace setter? He/she is an experienced runner, also called "bus" whose pacing is calibrated in such a fashion as to reasonably predict a stipulated finishing time. So if you run along with this runner and pace along with him/her, there is a high chance of a targeted finish. A word of caution: your finishing time depends solely on your fitness and training. A pacer can only help and support you pace better. Remember, in running, just like in life- there are no guarantees!

How to spot the pacer? On the race day, at the hold area these pacers will be marked by a flag- a marker so that you can identify them easily.

Do I need to register with them? It's a free ticket to join them # just let them know in advance so they can get to know you better.

Happy racing!

Pace Setters - Marathon

Dharmendra KumarDharmendra Kumar

Dharmendra Kumar (4 Hours)

City: Ahmedabad

I've running since last 4 years and have ran 9 Marathons till now with a PB of 3:10 hrs. Marathon is not about speed. Instead it's all about endurance, discipline and consistency. If you have these attributes then marathon is for you and you are for marathon. First, be determined for it. Then turn your dream into goal and your imagination into plan before it's too late. I'm available for you round the clock. Let's start.

Strategy for the run:

People who finish marathon in 4 hrs have a tendency to complete first half in 1: 52 hrs and second half in 2 hrs and 08 minutes. We will keep this statistics true and run our first half a bit faster. We will keep even effort throughout the race - faster at downwards and slower at upwards. There will be enough slopes in the entire course. Please try to reach me at least 3 weeks before the race, so that we can know one another better.

Dharmendra Kumar can be reached at:

Contact number: 8128469112

Tejal ModyTejal Mody

Tejal Mody (4 Hours 30 Mins)

City: Surat

I love running and I accept the responsibility to pace the runners to the finish line. It is Noble job and I will give my full effort during the race.

Strategy for the run:

Will post this on the web soon. I believe in negative splits for a strong finish.

Tejal Mody can be reached at:

Contact number: 9974300257

Raja MarutRaja Marut

Raja Marut (5 Hours)

Profession : I am an Ex Telecom Professional now accidentally turned up Entrepreneur & a Runner by Passion.

I'm a Barefoot Runner known as 'Barefoot Raja' among fellow runners.

"Running is like meditation for me. It gives me enough time to introspect about various aspects of my life."

I started my running journey in 2015 when my son who is a tennis player once asked me to come along with him for some warm-up exercises. As part of the warm-up exercise, We started running, which was quite tiring for me. I felt despondent and as a result, I decided to practice running by setting short-term goals and soon running became my passion,Indebted to it forgiving me Highs & Positivity in life with fitness.

I got an opportunity to spread smiles across many faces as a pacer and race Ambassador for many events in different parts of the country. I am enjoying my newly discovered sportsman spirit and loves to learn from each and every moment my life has to offer.I'm active member of Ahmedabad Distance Runners Group.I had completed more than 57 half marathons, 4 Full Marathons & 2 Ultra runs (78KM).

Strategy for the run:

It's really an opportunity pacing in bSafal Marathon for 05 Hours finish as myself started my official running with bSafal in year 2015.

Raja Marut can be reached at: BAREFOOTRAJA@GMAIL.COM

Contact number: 9687630671

Vivek SolankiVivek Solanki

Vivek Solanki (5 Hours 15 Mins)

City : Ahmedabad

Running is a sport for Me which gives energy and happiness. Running helps me untangle my mind. I am a regular runner for more than 4+ years now and this has resulted in a complete physical and lifestyle change for me.

Considering my physical fitness, I decided to initiate running in mid-2014 and got himself enrolled for my first Half Marathon organized by Reliance Sabarmati Amdabad marathon in Dec 2014 which I completed in 2 hours 42 min.

I am a self-motivated runner who juggles time for practicing on regular basis without compromising my professional commitment (Manager in a Cinepolis India Private Limited) and personal commitments towards family. my next target is attempting for an Ironman in 2019.

In this pacing for full marathon - 5-15 Hour bus endeavor, my prime focus will be to motivate all runners in the bus to finish on time.

Strategy for the run:


Vivek Solanki can be reached at:

Contact number: 9979973170

Raja MarutRamesh Babu Gattu

Ramesh Babu Gattu (5 Hours 30 Mins)

City : Gandhinagar

MY MOTTO: ENJOY AN INJURY FREE RUN Popularly known as "GATTU", from Gandhinagar. Scientist by profession and a Barefoot Recreational Runner. Never into any sports or exercises till I was 40. Now, enjoying long and slow distance running.

Started my running at 40+ age with BSafal 2016 HM. Ran more than 120 HMs, 5 FMs, 65 event runs, two 100 days of running, 4 trail HMs, 5 Ultras: including SPRR 2017, Mumbai 12hr Ultra 2017, SCMM2017, TMM 2018, AHM 2017, Matherun 2017. Personal best of 1hr44min HM in BSafal 2018 and 4hr 8min FM in TMM2018. Successfully paced 5hr FM bus in Adani Marathon 2017 and Rajkot Marathon 2017.

Strategy for the run:

Will be pacing 5hr 30 min marathon bus. Starting 3kms will be a slow start with 7 min pace. Then, a slow ramp-up till 10km in 1hr 15min. The first half shall be in 2 hr 30 min and the second half shall be in 3 hr. Hydration-small walk breaks are from 8th km for every 4km.(8,12,16,19 kms etc.,)

Ramesh Babu Gattu can be reached at:

Contact number: 9408783583 (Whats App)

Pace Setters - Half Marathon

Surendra VarmaSurendra Varma

Surendra Varma (1 Hours 50 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I am an Entrepreneur, Running my own HR Outsourcing & Consulting firm. Taken up running from last 24 months, I was 90 Kg 2 years back when I took up running and completed my first half marathon in 2 hour 52 minutes In Bsafal 2016. I have run close to 10 HM now and my best time for HM has now improved to 1 hour 42 Minutes. My best time for 10 K is 46 Mnts. I have lost almost 25 kgs of weight and now I weight 65 kgs. Running has given me so much that it has become part of my schedule now, The biggest thing that running has taught me that nothing is impossible. If you have a goal and you train well to achieve your goal you are surely going to achieve it, I have done it and I feel each one of us can do it.

I have paced for 2 hour 30 mnts bus in SBI Green Marathon in 2018.

I am also pacing 2 hour 15 mnts bus in Adani Ahmedabad Marathon happening on 25-Nov-2018.

Strategy for the run:

Help people who are running HM in 2 hour or 2 hour 5 mnts and want to improve their personal best timing. My strategy would be to start with 5.30 mnts for first 3 kms and then going on 5.20 mns/km up to 16 km and final 5 kms where I will push people to finish strong and achieve their PB's.

Surendra Varma can be reached at:

Contact number: 9687629858

Sanjay SinghSanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh (2 Hours)

City: Ahmedabad

I am running since 2016. It started basically to improve and maintain my fitness. Since then, I have run many half marathons, marathons and ultra-marathons. Officially I completed 3 Full marathons. My personal bests are 1:45:07 (Half Marathon) and 3:48:11 (Full Marathon).

Strategy for the run:

This is not the slowest of the buses. Every runner when she/he starts running, targets to finish half marathon in sub 2 hour. So anyone who has been running consistently since last 2 or 3 months and has completed half marathon in 2hr 10min should be easily able to achieve this. My pacing strategy will be as follows:

We will start with a pace of 6:00 min/km for initial 1-2 kms. I will try to keep pace between 5:30 to 5:40 min/km for subsequent distance.

Intermediate targets:

  • 5k - 29 min
  • 10k - 57 min
  • 16k - 90 min
  • 21.1k - 119 min

Sanjay Singh can be reached at:

Manthan RavalManthan Raval

Manthan Raval(2 Hours 15 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

A Fitness Enthusiast, a Runner, I ran number of Half Marathons, 1 Full Marathon and 3 official Ultra Marathons (which includes 50K Night Marathon held at Ahmedabad, Vadodara Ultra 55K & Mumbai Ultra 12 hour).

Some months back I ran 77 Km (Self Support) from Ahmedabad to my native Place (Mandal). I ran 21 x 21 half marathons consecutively last year and ran 1900 km + in 100 days of running challenge last year. In the month of October, 2018 I cycle 400 Km (Tour of Aravalis)

Strategy for the run:

I will try to run with pace of around 6:15 to 6:25 with quick water breaks a mostly every water stations

Manthan Raval can be reached at:

Contact number: 9624086644

Coach Rahul SharmaCoach Rahul Sharma

Coach Rahul Sharma(2 Hours 15 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

Coach Rahul is the first certified road running coach of Gujarat & credited with introducing of scientific way of running. Following passion of running, he left his well paid job in pharma to pursue his career in running coaching & events. He has completed 4 world marathon majors - New York, Chicago, Berlin & London, along with world's toughest Khardungla Challenge 72KM Run & he is a super randonneur cyclist.

Strategy for the run:

Its a beautiful running route our strategy is to have lot of fun & start with a pace of 6.30 for first 5 KMs, once body is warmed up we will keep & maintain an even pace of 6.20 min per KM

Coach Rahul Sharma can be reached at:

Contact number: 9723455822

Vishal KhalasVishal Khalas

Vishal Khalas(2 Hours 30 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I have started my running in April 2016.

I am member of Ahmedabad Distance Runners. (ADR).

Events Attended last two years :

  • Vasai Virar half Marathon, Gandhinagar Half Marathon, Rajkot Half Marathon, Bhavnagar Half Marathon, Satara Hill Half Marathon, Ghandhinagar Trail Run and ADR Night Run 8 hours.
  • I have finished Adani Half AAM17 HALF MARATHON in 01:55:52 .
  • I have finished BSafal HALF MARATHON in 01:52:13 .
  • Completed Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 (Full Marathon) in 05:13:53.
  • My pacing experience in Rajkot Marathon 2018 , Half Marathon 2.30 bus.
  • Also doing swimming and cycling.

Strategy for the run:

5km - 00:37 MIN
10km - 01:11 MIN
15km - 01.45 MIN
20km - 02.22 MIN
21.01km - 02.29 MIN

Vishal Khalas can be reached at:

Contact number: 9825017029

Prashant ThankiPrashant Thanki

Prashant Thanki(2 Hours 30 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

hi runners i am Prashant from Ahmedabad, i started my running mid 2016, and joined ADR, running helps me a lot to stay fit and keep me active in personal and profession life, there was a day when 5 Km was a task for me, but gradually I improved and able to run miles without problem.

I would say "When I Lost My Excuse, I Found My Result"

Strategy for the run:

"Yet to decide"

Prashant Thanki can be reached at:

Contact number: 9925190150

Umang GajjarUmang Gajjar

Umang Gajjar(2 Hours 45 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I have started Running 2 n Half year back....!!

Ran 15+ Half marathons, 3 Full marathons & 2 Ultra marathons. I love Running distance & specially if it is a trail Run.... love to enjoy the nature during my Runs.

Pacing 2:45 bus gives me immense happiness when I see new runners crossing finish line, nothing can be more satisfied then this.

Strategy for the run:

  • First 10k in 1hr:20 mins
  • Next 10k in 1hr: 17 Mins
  • Last 1.1k in 7 mins with strong finish

Umang Gajjar can be reached at:

Contact number: 9227209896

Jay HathiJay Hathi

Jay Hathi(2 Hours 45 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

Jay, 43, fitness enthusiast , IT architect by profession started running long distance in 2014 and has completed 13 half marathons and a full marathon.

Running rejuvenates him, sometimes with friends who make it fun, sometime with a coach who makes it crisp, sometimes with music which makes it meditative.

Strategy for the run:

  • 5km - 00:39
  • 10km - 1:16
  • 15km - 1:55
  • 21km - 2:45

Jay Hathi can be reached at:

Contact number: 9099611555

Alka VyasAlka Vyas

Alka Vyas(2 Hours 55 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

Hi I m Alka.

I have been running for a few years now . I have completed a few HMs as well as FM . I love doing the Trails and Ultra Runs .

For me the timing and pace do not matter at all I absolutely run for "The Joy of Running".

For me Running is Meditation and all those who know me would swear by it .

Do join my bus of 2.55 hrs. I assure u all of a joyours ride and shall ensure that we all complete the run together and finish strong .

Strategy for the run:

I plan to drive the bus at a pace of 8.15.

We shall be completing the first 10kms in about 84..85 minutes and the next 11 kms in 89..90 minutes

Alka Vyas can be reached at:

Contact number: 8849476497

Sachi PatelSachi Patel

Sachi Patel(2 Hours 55 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I have not won many races but I have crossed many finish lines.I ensure this journey of 2.55 hours would be joyful and comfortable.It is not how u start but how you finish strong

Strategy for the run:

Don't run with your legs,run with your heart.Will focus on running a patient race over first few kms pace up the middle miles and then finishing up the last 2 kms strong.pacing strategy would be 8.15 minutes per km.

Sachi Patel can be reached at:

Contact number: 9825910112

Pace Setters - 10km Run

Dilip SharmaDilip Sharma

Dilip Sharma (55 Mins)

City: Gandhinagar

My self Dilip Sharma, 37 years old, working as a Marketing manager in Engineering Company in Ahmedabad. Athlete in school and college days but due to career setup in sales and marking job gain weight up to 105 kg then 4 year back got sign to reduce weight i start walking 25 to 30 km daily and within 6 months lost 36 kgs. Back in normal weight and then to maintain it i started running short distance.

From last two years i am running long distances runs and taking part in marathons.

Started my running with night marathon carnival in Ahmedabad 2016 HM. Ran more than 85 HMs, 5 FMs, 30 event runs, 2 times 100 days of running, 2 Ultra run SPRR 2017(76 km) and ADR ULTRA NIGHT RUN 2018 (81 KM IN 12 HR), TMM 2018, AHM 2017. With personal best of 1hr48min HM in Ahmedabad Adani half marathon 2018 and 4hr 16 min FM in TMM2018.

Strategy for the run:

5:30 min constant pace for 10 km

Dilip Sharma can be reached at:

Contact number: 7874466222

Naman VyasNaman Vyas

Naman Vyas (60 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

Vo kehte hai na, jo hota hai aache ke liye hota hai... because of wrist fracture I had to shift my legs from paddling to running! I have been cycling in and around Ahmedabad since last 3 years and had participated BRM 200 in November 2016 at Bhuj. Due to wrist injury I was not allowed to ride my cycle for 3 months and during this time I started running from August 2017. Thanks to AHMEDABAD DISTANCE RUNNERS # ADR guidance and motivation I started enjoying my morning runs from Prahladnagar (PNG). Elite runners have helped me in improving my running form and pattern. Because of their motivation I have developed positive mindset and started enjoying running over cycling.

Till today I have participated in 3 half marathon & 2 Ultra Run journeys:

  • First half marathon at Surat City Half Marathon (2:37:33) in October 2017.
  • Second half marathon at Adadni Ahmedabad Marathon (2:18:37) in November 2017.
  • Third half marathon at B Safal Marathon (2:13:07) in December 2017.

Strategy for the run:

We will start the first 4 kms at 6:15 pace. We will then pace it up to 6: 00 for next 4 kms. The last 2 kms will be at a pace of 5.30

Bus Schedule
04km - 25 mins
08km - 49 mins
10km - 60 mins

Naman Vyas can be reached at:

Contact number: 9824538483

Xerxes RaoXerxes Rao

Xerxes Rao (70 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

Running gives, me happiness and makes me feel strong. Ifeel positive about myself and it has helped me gain a new perspective to life. I have been fortunate to make many new friends on the way. I had played sports in my college years from Cricket to Volleyball and always enjoyed the thrill I got from that. I took up running in August 2016 and have completed numerous 10k runs and few half marathons since then.

I shall be pacing in the 10K category in this edition of the B-Safal Marathon and shall help you complete the run in 70 mins (1hour 10 mins). I shall be by your side to support you, not only to complete your run but help you achieve your personal best time.

Strategy for the run:

Nothing is impossible! Believe me, if you set your mind to do it, you will! Take it up as a challenge for yourself, doesn't mater what the end result is. If you are interested in finishing your run in 70mins (1hour 10 mins) then look for the 70min pace flag and join the bus, we will ensure that you cross the finish line. On the race day ensure that you reach the venue 45 mins before the start time and do a minimum 10 minute warm up before the race starts.

Ensure that you are properly hydrated during the run. Do not try anything new on the race day, have fruits or dates before the run.

I intend to start at an easy pace of 7.30.If there are strong runners in the group,we shall also push them and ensure that they finish before time.

Contact number: 9825213779

Mohini BundelaMohini Bundela

Mohini Bundela(70 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I started running from January 2018. From January to till date I completed more than 5 official 10 kms marathon and ADR ultra marathon (24kms)

Strategy for the run:

As most of the runner in this category will be the one who might be going for there first 10 kms of marathon or new to running so will motivate them, guide them if needed and manage my pace under 7 min/kms and push other runners to finish it with there target.

Mohini Bundela can be reached at:

Contact number: 9998883532

Meera ParikhMeera Parikh

Meera Parikh(80 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

CA by profession, working at Gujarat State Petronet Ltd, Gandhinagar. I have started running just for fun since last one year. It makes me happy and keeps me fit. I have benefited with good health, positive thinking and most importantly bunch of fitness enthusiastic friends!! I have participated in few half marathons and my PB timing for half marathon is 2 H 23 M at last bsafal Event.

Strategy for the run:

Easy start for intial 2 kms and than after maintaining same pace for rest 8 kms to complete 10 Km in 1 H 20 M.

Bus Schedule
02km - 17 mins
05km - 41 mins
08km - 64 mins
10km - 80 mins

Meera Parikh can be reached at:

Contact number: 7878499365 / 7567084078

Shampa PaulShampa Paul

Shampa Paul(80 Mins)

City: Ahmedabad

I, Shampa Paul. I am a member of Kalingi Running Club. Running is my passion. By profession I teach and guide children in my school. Presently I reside in Bopal.

Strategy for the run:

Will keep it simple as most of the runners in this category will be attempting a 10km for the first time. Me along with my co pacer will keep a consistent pace of 8min / Km from the start. Our focus will be motivating the runners to cover the distance with ease.

Shampa Paul can be reached at:

Contact number: 7984780754