Pacers - 2019

We at bSafal Half Marathon Amdavad always strive to make your marathon experience rich and fulfilling. We are bringing to you "pace setter" also known as "pacers" or "pacing bus" for Half marathon and 10km race.

Who is a pace setter? He/she is an experienced runner, also called "bus" whose pacing is calibrated in such a fashion as to reasonably predict a stipulated finishing time. So if you run along with this runner and pace along with him/her, there is a high chance of a targeted finish. A word of caution: your finishing time depends solely on your fitness and training. A pacer can only help and support you pace better. Remember, in running, just like in life- there are no guarantees!

How to spot the pacer? On the race day, at the hold area these pacers will be marked by a flag- a marker so that you can identify them easily.

Do I need to register with them? It's a free ticket to join them # just let them know in advance so they can get to know you better.

Happy racing!