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Safal Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Safal Constructions Private Limited took shape in 1995 as a result of one man's dream and passion - Mr. Rajesh Brahmbhatt, a Civil Engineer with a youthful zeal to create residential and commercial spaces that exceeded consumer's expectations.

His passion for excellence is shared by Mr. Rupesh Brahmbhatt, his younger brother who joined him in 1998. He heads bSafal's legal affairs and Slum Rehabilitation Project.

One of man's basic quests is to make himself a space ' both personal and professional. Be it the place where he endeavors to earn his daily bread or the place where he puts his head down to sleep. This quest should get every bit of respect and seriousness that it deserves. This is the fundamental philosophy based on which bSafal was created; and the same philosophy still continues to guide the organization and its employees.

Website: www.bsafal.com

Claris Lifesciences Ltd.

Claris Lifesciences Limited (Claris) was the Holding Company of Claris Injectables Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary dealing in Specialty Injectables business that was carved out in November 2014. Claris Injectables was sold to Baxter International Inc. in July 2017.

Parallel to striving for excellence, Claris serves as a socially responsible organisation, fulfilling goals beyond the business commitments. Hence, we always support and encourage various social causes aimed at promoting sports, health, education, and culture encompassing the broader spectrum of the society.

Claris is now a financial management company, with interests in investing in new businesses with specialty pharmaceuticals and FMCG as focus. With the determined notion to prosper in all the endeavours we undertake, we will always make every effort to grab an opportunity to take the organisation to the next growth trajectory.

Website: www.clarislifesciences.com

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Astral Pipes

Astral Poly Technik Limited was established in 1999 with the aim to manufacture pro-India plumbing and drainage systems in the country. While serving the plumbing needs of millions of houses, the company adds extra mileage to India’s developing real estate fraternity. Their contribution to the plumbing industry in the form of being pro-innovative bears the hallmark of unbeaten quality.

Astral Poly Technik is equipped with production facilities at Santej & Dholka (Gujarat), and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) to manufacture Plumbing systems, Drainage systems, Agriculture, Industrial and Electrical Conduit Pipes with all kinds of necessary fittings.

Website: www.astralpipes.com